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Donate to the Warehouse Fund

In Bland Ministry Center’s FY22, 2,934 Tuesday food boxes and 4,338 Thursday produce carts were distributed for families to prepare meals to their liking.  Because we were able to accept bulk donations in our warehouse, we were also able to break down tractor trailer donations to share with our clients, other regional agencies, local churches, and flood recovery efforts in Kentucky and Virginia. 


523,640 pounds of food was donated by Feeding America, Operation Blessing, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and other partner agencies. 


875 pallets of drinks were given in-kind from our local Gatorade plant.


16 pallets of fresh produce per week is now made available thanks to a new relationship with Red Sun Farms in Dublin. 


Bland Ministry Center staff and volunteers were able to meet the physical and spiritual needs of so many households through the food pantry this year, but as the volume of donations continues to rise, so does the temperature!  We are running out of space, especially cold storage, to keep meat and produce fresh between our twice-weekly distributions.  Last Fall, we found a walk-in cooler for a great deal, but we still have nowhere to place it.  We are in need of a new concrete pad, three well-insulated walls, and a compressor for the cooler, and we need it ASAP!  


Because of the success of this program in serving the families of Southwest Virginia and southern West Virginia, we are once again asking you to go above and beyond your already generous giving to help us raise the funds necessary to continue receiving and distributing fresh food.

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